The portrait process begins with a meeting between the subject and the artist. The basic composition, size of canvas, pose, tone, lighting, clothing and background are all considered mutually. Artist will take many digital photographs between a couple of hours. The photographs are analysed and the final decision is made regarding making of a portrait. If necessary, additional photographs can be taken at second shoot.


Artist prefers to paint from life, wherever possible, it can be either at artist’s studio or client’s location. 10 to 12 sittings are usually required for a perfect portrait.


In the absence of a subject, portrait can be created using available photographs and references.


Fee starting at $ 10,000 ( USD )
For additional figure on same canvas, add 80% of fee.
Framing, shipping and travel expenses for the artist will be charged separately.
A contract would be signed and 50% of the fee will be deposited as contractual agreement.
The balance is due at completion of commission and acceptance by the client.