Professor Tony Rajer University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Mr. R. M. Singh portraits have a wonderful fresh spark of life. He captures the likeness of the person and their spirit in a creative way that makes the painting a memorable work of art that you will cherish for future generations. I highly recommend him to you.

Natalia Ryabova, Director of children’s foundation “Roza Vetrov” Moscow

I am always happy to see the works of an outstanding artist Rahi Mohinder Singh. His paintings are astonishingly deep. They take you away into the world of sublime feeling and reflections, making you stop and ponder on the essential subjects. Rahi’s works present for me the place where the West and the East come together. The realistic technique conveys the unity of the soul and the universe, the harmony of Indian philosophy, gives relief and shows the colours of life. I hope that this website will allow people all over the world to discover Rahi’s talent and find in his works piece, poweful energy and the courage to be.

Martine Le Cam St. Tropez, France 21.02.2012

Reciter of the material in the center of the wide open day, R.M.Singh paints the evidence as a fruit harvested in the shape from the silence. In sharing, the creative way of light fertilizes, there where the color is path of offerings, stories of souls, stars and memoirs. The subtle is smile, the palace is prayer, the scenes of the life are the traces of the eternal and the sacred. His palette sculpted with the dawn and the dusk, is shaped by the ardent sweetness of the pigments which are landscapes, valleys and sources. The dance of his hand raises in lightness the immense mystery. The hours bloom under his brush, honor the life, the centuries and the wisdom. The ochre is patient, the blue whispers to the breaths about travelers from the childhood. The painting is rhythm, wind and crops. In the temple of faces, his work is a deep movement of quivering brightness where the transparency of the skin never goes out. The weft embraces the moment, lives in the enjoyment in the space of the color, praises the time stays up, celebrates the world and its hope. Yes! R.M. Singh paints the evidence as a fruit collected from the shape of the love Récitant la matière au centre du jour ouvert, R.M. Singh peint l’évidence comme un fruit récolté dans la forme du silence. En partage, la voie féconde de la lumière où la couleur est chemin d’offrandes, histoires d’âmes, d’étoiles et de mémoires. Le subtil est sourire, le palais est prière, les scènes de la vie sont les traces de l’éternel et du sacré. Sa palette d’aube et de crépuscule est façonnée par la douceur enflammée des pigments qui sont paysages, vallons et sources. La danse de sa main soulève dans la légèreté l’immense mystère. Les heures fleurissent sous son pinceau, honorent la vie, les siècles et la sagesse. L’ocre est patient, le bleu murmure aux souffles voyageurs de l’enfance. La toile est rythme, vent et moisson. Au temple des visages, son œuvre est un mouvement profond d’éclats frémissants où la transparence de la peau ne s’éteint jamais. La trame épouse l’instant, habite la joie dans l’espace de la couleur, loue le temps qui veille, célèbre le monde et son espérance. Oui ! R.M. Singh peint l’évidence comme un fruit récolté dans la forme de l’amour.

Gurinder Singh Mann Professor of Sikh Studies University of California, Santa Barbara

Endowed With an exceptional ability to draw and then fill in these lines with colors that evoke tremendous realism, R.M.Singh has created portraits that adorn private collections, state galleries, parliament house in New Delhi, and president of India official residence. With these significant accomplishments already under his belt, R.M.Singh is well on his way to make a place for himself among the legendary Sikh painters such as Thakur Singh, Sobha Singh, Ishwar Singh, and Sohan Singh.