Since childhood, the world around me has always fascinated and tempted me to internalize every charming object and aspect of nature. My passion to keenly observe and reproduce these images into various visual forms, perhaps, became basis of my professional life as a painter.

I always find this world as a great creative miracle and love to absorb its realistic perspectives into my being. Human life is a unique creation on this earth, human face manifesting a complete universe within a person. I do enjoy traversing and revealing its grandeur in my portraits. This helps me to intune myself with nature and life surrounding me.

However, so often when my subconscious takes over and does manifest in unexplainable forms, I simply follow the intutive urge,
delve deep in unknown and unexplorable domains. Art and artist just become one entity. I do realise that being alive is an
ultimate creative act. Thus inspired, I keep searching my way in life with my brush….